5 to 11 September 2005) The Lamentation book on the school became a literary genre soi.Le new Obs offers us a little review of the books that have just appeared.

(week 5 to 11 September 2005) The Lamentation book on the school became a literary genre soi.Le new Obs offers us a little review of the books that have just appeared. Distressing essentially … as newspapers, weeklies interested in the "flight" to private. C’est L’Express which features an article on this subject. In the same magazine, you will find a forum of Philippe Meirieu (decidedly very active in the media in this fall) that alerts the risk of teacher shortages "Help, there is a lack of teachers! " Good reading ———————————————– ———————— Le Nouvel Observateur on Thursday 8 September 2005 – the blackboard daily Studious comeback! The edition did not want to miss and offers a sling load of testimonies which give the air temperature. Rather cool. One will discover there the unjust school lasts poor, stiff, lost in her speech pedagos, unable to resist the general disintegration of knowledge of values, culture and work. Sometimes, in this bad sea, some beautiful crossings. Ship! Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——————————— the Point of 8 September 2005 saw … Nothing. ————————————————– ————————– L’Express on Monday, 5 September 2005 flight to the private "Demining" to school of small c ‘ is already the job. But finding a place in private, it’s great art. For the third consecutive year, the "free" education had to refuse applications – 20,000, says the General Secretariat of Catholic education – even as colleges and public high schools saw their number of students decrease! In 2003, the private already welcomed 13,000 more followers; in 2004, 2 300. This year, some schools in Paris, Grenoble and Perpignan, will manage classes from 35 to 40. And no question of pushing the walls. Because the state corseted phenomenon, since 1985 imposing a ratio between public and private: the posts of teachers to the private – which caters for 20% of students – were arrested in proportion to the public. It loses this year 5500 positions. The private, 530. What frustrate its leaders, who demand more resources … A study by the research center for the study and observation of living conditions (Credoc), the reasons for this interest are rooted Above all, in seeking proper guidance, the transmission of moral values, a close link with the teachers … and, 33% of parents in the disappointment with the public, aggravated by the convulsions of the educational world in 2003 and 2005. it is thought to find in the private dressing for wounds of the public away from the rigors of the school board, the gigantic chests and dogmatism; school "free" chooses its students and teachers. Read more of the article A coach for the tray? "To be successful, you have to consider your stress as an ally." The school coach Julien, 19, in the terminal, found the formula to calm the panic that paralyzed the schoolboy at each examination. After the corporate world, coaching invests school. Defects of organization or lack of self-confidence? In a few sessions, school coaches claim to remove blockages and identify strengths. Read more of the article Philippe Meirieu, director of the University Institute of Teacher Training (IUFM) Lyon Help, there is a lack of teachers! Children entering first grade today may lack strong teachers in sixth. Indeed, given the July registrations, the number of candidates in recruitment competitions for teachers of secondary schools will, in 2006, less than 25 to 30% that it was in 2005 make my assignment for me
. This significant drop affects a pool down for years, catastrophically, in science but also in literature, languages, in technological and professional disciplines. The absence of legibility of education policy is one of the reasons for this disaffection. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——————————— the Figaro-madame / Figaro Magazine Saturday, September 10, 2005 At school, bosses investing in the future big companies fund educational projects, provide scholarships or support initiatives to improve teaching in the PTA. An alliance between the private and public school where everyone – employers, teachers and students – has an interest. Read more of the article Child, manual One could almost say you liked Dolto? You will love Edwige Antier. Dolto legacy with this subtitle: All understand, not all afford, is for our present days, the exercise of a right of inventory on the work of the famous pioneer in France of child psychoanalysis. There is a "before" and "after" Dolto, which led to a revolution in relations with parents, giving full meaning to the formula of Winnicott ‘. The baby is a person "However, arises now the question as to want to understand their child, the parents have lost their authority? Read more of the article It has grown over the summer The summer was for her killer online. A few days of school, your teen will fathom uncompromising front of the mirror … Read more ———————— Article ————————————————– – Politis of 8 September 2005 saw … Nothing. ————————————————– Marianne ————————– September 1, 2005 … Nothing seen. ————————————————– ————————– Posted by Watrelot to Sunday, September 11, 2005

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