Eating the right food is often the first step on the road to good health whether throughout your pregnancy, during labour recovery, or simply in general. Nutritional consultations with Holistic Family Care nurtures you with nourishment recommendations and meal plans, allowing you to make the very best choices for your unique situation.

Each of our meal plans is created by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with your personal tastes in mind.

Cesarean Meal Plan

Sometimes a cesarean birth, planned or otherwise, is the only option. Good nutrition ensures a quick recovery so that you can heal faster and be ready for your new role as a mother.

With a few of our diet and supplement recommendations, you will lessen stress, improve healing, and prevent potential infection. Our meal plan will help strengthen your body before the procedure and our in-hospital food box ensures you eat the right food right away. Our program is also designed to prevent uncomfortable abdominal gas common to C-sections.

Our Cesarean Package includes:

  • Personalized recommendations on foods and supplements essential for a speedy recovery
  • Cesarean-friendly meal delivered to hospital in recovery room post-procedure
  • Breastfeeding support in the recovery room
  • Pick up of dishes while still in hospital and more breastfeeding support

Investment: $500

Consulting Services

Consultations to discuss nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding are available in-house or via Skype

Investment: $80/hour

Think you might need a little more love and support during this exciting time? We also offer prenatal and postpartum Doula Care.